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Streetwize Universal Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Dog Guard

Product code: 10527
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Specially designed with your canine companion in mind, this adjustable dog guard from Streetwize allows you to safely travel with your pet dog on day trips and long journeys, all while keeping distractions to the driver to a minimum.

This dog guard is easy to fit, thanks to its unique locking system and it can be adjusted to fit inside the boot of most 5-door vehicle boots. It is suitable for hatchbacks, estates and 4×4’s, however this dog guard it is not suitable for saloons.

IMPORTANT: Please check the dimensions of your boot space before purchase.

  • Finished with a pet-friendly coating
  • Height adjustable from 60cm-110cm.
  • Width adjustable from 90cm-145cm

Ensure that the top of the back seats do not extend as far as the roof of the vehicle. There should be a gap of approx. 3-4” between the back of the rear seats and the roof for the guard to stand.

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