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Streetwize Pet Vehicle Boot Liner for Hatchback, SUV 4x4

Product code: 10552
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This heavy duty & waterproof boot liner is specially designed for pets and it helps to protect your vehicle’s boot area from unwanted mess such as water spillages, mud, dirt and pet hairs. It is an ideal accessory to have with you when you go on an outdoor adventure with your canine companion and not have to worry about the mess in the boot of your vehicle.

This boot liner is easy to fit, just attach the liner’s straps to your vehicle’s headrest. It also comes with built-in storage pockets for any toys, leashes, water bottles and other pet-related items.

* Important: Please check the dimensions before purchase. *

  • Suitable hatchbacks, SUVs, 4x4s and estates.
  • Size: L143cm x W143cm
  • Machine washable
  • Covers the whole boot area

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