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Streetwize GPS Tracker

Product code: 10026
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An award-winning GPS tracking device that provides peace of mind for both personal and professional use. This tracker provides users with the location of their vehicle straight to the vehicle owner’s smartphone.

It is great for checking up on where your vehicle is when you’re away or for finding the location of your vehicle in the event of it being lost and stolen. The tracker is also suitable for businesses that operate small fleets as well as small businesses that have one van.

To use the device, simply insert the provided 1p mobile a pay-as-you-go SIM into the device and follow the set-up instructions in the detailed manual provided. Once set up, send a SMS message to the tracker and it will reply with a map of the location that is accurate to 10 metres. This costs as little as a price of just 1 SMS message (from as little as 1p – please check with the network provider).

The tracker can be fixed to the car battery for permanent power or it can be charged at home with the supplied charger.

Plus, unlike most trackers on the market, no subscription is required to operate the tracker.

For Multi-Vehicle Use Only

If you want to purchase multiple trackers to keep track of multiple vehicles via the app under one account, then please get in contact with [email protected].

Key Features

  • Award-winning GPS Tracker
  • Detailed manual included
  • Ideal for tracking cars, caravans, vans and more
  • Pay-as-you-go SIM included (1p Mobile). Not compatible with 3 Network.
  • Uses SMS messaging for communicating location
  • Additional features include live online tracking and GEO fencing. (Requires SIM with mobile data)
  • Also good for tracking children, pets and the elderly
  • Easy to set up and use. Includes pre-programmed settings
  • Compact size: H 5cm x W 5cm x D 1.9cm

Please download our NEW manual below for up-to-date Tracker settings.

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