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Streetwize Anti-Theft Signal Blocking Faraday Box

Product code: 10068
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This anti-theft signal blocking faraday box is ideal for safely storing keyless cards, key fobs, contactless cards, smartphones and any other item that emits a signal when not in use.

It is perfect for countering the rising number of keyless vehicle thefts.

With more road users now having access to vehicles that can be opened with either a keyless card or key fob, criminals have been using sophisticated signal amplifiers to gain access to these vehicles without having to get their hands on the vehicle’s keys.

This faraday box is lined with a specially made fabric that helps to prevent the signal emitted from your key fob, contactless cards or smartphone being picked up by the amplifier.

Once the items are inside the box, the signal is blocked straight away.

  • Effectively blocks signals and helps prevent vehicle theft
  • Blocks electrical signals including SMS, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, RFID & NFC
  • Product dimensions: L 16cm x W 12cm x H 9cm

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