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Streetwize 135cm Heavy Duty Universal Aluminium Roof Bars (For Roof Rails)

Product code: 10509
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These 135cm-wide heavy duty roof bars support a maximum load weight of 75KG and they are made from durable aluminium.

They are designed to fit vehicles with factory fitted roof rails and they’re easy to fit thanks to its adjustable lockable fittings.

And with its aerodynamic shape, the roof bars cancels out wind resistance while improving fuel economy.

Please note, these roof bars will only fit raised roof bars that have a space underneath the rail. They are not suitable for solid raised roof rails as the fitting need to fit around the rails.

Also, when adding load to the roof bar, please check with the vehicle’s manufacturer handbook to find out what maximum weight it can take.

  • Universal locking roof bars
  • Heavy duty, supports a max load of 75KG
  • 135cm wide
  • Light, durable aluminium design
  • Package includes two roof bars
  • Supplied with 2 security keys

We will not accept any returns from customers if the keys are not sent back with the product. This includes all Roof Bars and Security Locks.

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