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Streetwize 10L Portable Power Sprayer

Product code: 9567
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This portable power washer kit is designed for multi-purpose cleaning.

It is ideal for cleaning all motor vehicles which include cars, caravans, trailers & boats as well as bicycles, windows, conservatories, garden fences and greenhouses. And that’s just to name a few.

It is 100% eco-friendly. It does not require any electricity and neither does it need to be connected to a hose pipe. Just fill the washer with a water-based cleaning solution, close the lid, use the pump to build up pressure and then spray the solution on to the surface you are cleaning.

  • Convenient and versatile
  • Comes supplied with an adjustable spray nozzle and soft bristle head attachment.
  • 2.5m (8ft) hose
  • Includes handy shoulder strap
  • 10 litre capacity

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