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NRG Universal In Car Holder

Product code: 14382
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Secure your in-car devices quickly and easily. Windscreen or dashboard mount. 360 degree swivel Fits any device from 50mm to 80mm wide The Universal in-Car Holder has been designed to allow you to position your hand held device horizontally or vertically, either on your windscreen or on the dashboard. The holder is a small and discreet windscreen & dashboard mount, which doesn’t obstruct your view of the road. It’s designed with a unique ball joint and bracket system. It’s rotating bracket allows you to use the device in either landscape or portrait positions. The holder also comes with an adhesive plate which can be fixed on to the dashboard. The holder also features soft pads that gently cushion your device whilst it is in the holder ensuring that the device will not slip out. The holder has a unique system for securing to the windscreen – simply turn the bevelled edge dial and this pulls and tightens the suction pad to the windscreen making it impossible to fall 0ff or even pull off. To remove the holder from the windscreen, again simply rotate the bevelled edge dial.

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