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Meguiars Ultimate Snow Foam Xtreme Cling 946ml

Product code: 4918
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1000 in stock





1000 in stock

  • Unique pH neutral formula-Won’t strip wax!
  • The ultimate way to deliver a swirl-free wash and shine.
  • Xtreme Cling Foam outlasts others on coated, waxed or sealed finishes.
  • Use with foam cannon and pressure washer.
  • Intense foam clings & clings on paint and gently loosens road grime on lighted soiled cars ahead of the pressure rinse-yet also lubricates surface on dirtier vehicle for when a wash mitt is required.
  • Versatile product used in 2 ways : either as a pre-wash prior to traditional two-bucket method or used with a premium wash mitt.
  • Great for soft paints –foam creates high lubricity between wash mitt and paint, minimizing the risk of marring soft paints.
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