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Little Trees Car Air Freshener - Midnight Chic

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Has your car interior lost its ‘new’ smell? Do you have a room or two that could do with a fresh fragrance? Are you a dog lover who isn’t in love with pet ’odour’?For over 60 years now, the iconic LITTLE TREES range of air fresheners has helped the world with such problems.ISNT IT A CAR-ONLY PRODUCT?No What was once thought of as a car-only product, is now seen in homes, bathrooms, kitchens, caravans, offices, boats, reception areas, toilets and more. The famous TREE-SHAPED AIR FRESHENERS from LITTLE TREES are instantly recognisable, fun, contemporary and stylish. There is a choice of over 30 fragrances so you are bound to find one or more that suit your tastes.WHY ARE LITTLE TREES SO GOOD? They start to work immediately, you can choose at what rate the fragrance escapes by revealing the TREE from its wrapper bit by bit over time and they are long-lasting.HOW DO THEY WORK? They are made of a specially formulated absorbent material from which your chosen fragrance is released gradually.

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