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Energizer LED Vision Ultra HD

Product code: 14348
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The Energizer® Vision Ultra HD Headlight brings outstanding performance in a compact design. The headlight shows innovative features as the Energizer® Smart Dimming technology that allow to easily control light intensity. In addition to the white LED, this light has green and red LEDs which enhance night vision for outdoors activities such as hunting and fishing. The VisionGuard technology gradually increases the light intensity to prevent a high beam straight in the users’ eyes. The low battery indicator, located in the front of the light, will flash when battery is low, warning consumers that it is almost time to change the batteries.

  • Six modes
  • Red and Green LED mode allows users to preserve night vision
  • Energizer® Smart Dimming to control light intensity in multiple modes
  • VisionGuard protects vision by gradually increasing light intensity
  • Low battery indicator
  • IPX4 water resistant and shatterproof lens construction
  • Operates on 3 AAA batteries (Includes 3 AAA Energizer MAX® batteries)

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