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Designer Fragrances Diffuser - Cherry

Product code: 14051
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Elevate your daily travel and routine trips into a sensory adventure with this Designer Fragrances Diffuser. Luxury scents don’t need to be restricted to the home, with our opulent fragrances every journey will be bursting with delightful aromas which last. About the scent: Classic Cherry is bold & fruity fragrance that packs a punch. This fragrance is a must for all the cherry lovers. Classic Cherry : Bold & fruity fragrance that packs a punch Directions of use: 1. Unscew the top of the diffuser and remove the plastic plug then screw the top back on and secure. 2. Turn your Designer Fragrances diffuser upside down for 3 seconds to completely saturate the wooden cap. 4. Turn the bottle upright and hang freely. 5. When the scent from the diffuser begins to fade, give the bottle a shake and turn upside down for up to three seconds then rehang.

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