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Cataclean Fuel Additive For Petrol

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990 in stock





990 in stock

Cataclean Fuel Additive For Petrol 450ml

This powerful cleaner is added to your fuel (petrol or diesel) and it goes directly to work on your catalytic converter and exhaust parts. Cataclean is ideal if your vehicle is having emission problems, especially when it comes to MOT time.

Cataclean is effective and can be used in any internal combustion engine, diesel, petrol or hybrid of any size.

Cataclean simply cleans and re-generates the engines fuel system from the pistons to the tail of the exhaust including the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter, restoring the fuel system to perform as new, which is why it obtains the results it does.

Cataclean can reduce emissions by up to 60%. The difference between an MOT emission failure and a pass.

Cataclean increases the torque and therefore the performance of the engine, improving MPG in most cases by 5-20%.

Cataclean only needs to be used 3-4 times a year to sustain these results for the motorist. Other fuel system cleaners need to be used every 2-3 tanks of fuel and in some cases with every tank of fuel to obtain the results.

Cataclean should ideally be added to the petrol tank when it is around ¼ full. Drive or simply run the engine for 10-15 minutes before adding further fuel.

1 bottle per treatment, and only 3-4 treatments required per year…

  • Suitable for Petrol
  • 1 bottle per treatment
  • Treat the car 3-4 times a year for best results
  • Also Suitable for Diesel & Hybrid Vehicles
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