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Bosch Super Plus Universal Wiper Blade Sp26

Product code: 16130
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The Bosch Super Plus range of wiper blades is the maximum performance standard wiper blade for vehicles wth hooked arms from the factory. You can expect consistent high quality performance al year round due to the internal tensioning strip which allow for optimum screen contact.

The soft rubber spine enables an effective flip over function whilst the hard rubber edge ensures smear free wiping.The internal tensioning strip keeps a consistent pressure across the blade as the screen curves (Bosch Super Plus out-performs other blades by 15%).

Features and Benefits

  • Superior windscreen cleaning thanks to the natural wiper rubber with graphite coating
  • Long service life thanks to the robust full-metal bracket system
  • Quick fitting thanks to the preassembled Quick-Clip adapter – change your blade in minutes
  • Traditional style frame construction wiper blade
  • All weather performance
  • Proven Bosch product heritage
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