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A car is a prized possession for all car owners, and most want their vehicle to look unique and special. Customised number plates can give a positive look and a very stylish vibe to the car’s overall look.

We, at Leicester Motor Spares, give you endless options in car number registration plates to select from and give your vehicle a distinct and appealing appearance:

#1 – 4D Acrylic Plates:

We provide customised 4D Acrylic number plates as per your requirements for your vehicle to get an outstanding look. Choose from the options available and sit back and relax as your customised plates reach your doorsteps.

#2 – 3D Gel Plates:

3D Gel Plates are raised number plates that give a premium look to the car. We offer the best-customised number plate with just a click.

#3 – Standard Plates:

High-quality standard number plates will be a perfect adornment to your classy vehicle. Fill in your details and click on the bottom to get the car number reg plate delivered to the comfort of your home.

#4 – Electric Vehicle Plates:

EV Green number plates are specially designed for your Electric Vehicle. These plates will display green vertical lines to highlight the fact that you are driving an EV. We have a large variety of options to offer you like acrylic and Gel number plates under this section which will meet all legal requirements. Just fill up your details and provide us with the proof that your vehicle is an EV and rest assured the number plate will be delivered to your doorstep.

Number plates raise the standard of your car from an ordinary looking one to a classy and stylish vehicle zooming on the roads. We work hard to provide you with high-quality car number registration plates. Browse through our endless options of number plates and select the one that best suits your needs.