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Mechanical Tools: Some Must Haves In Your Toolbox

Maintaining a car is never an easy job so a little basic knowledge about the working of your vehicle and mechanical tools that will help you with your DIY maintenance work will go a long way. A few essential mechanical tools that are a must in your toolbox are listed below.

Essential Mechanical Tools for Your Toolbox:

#1 – Screwdriver:

Screwdriver for car

A set of various screwdrivers are the first and foremost tool that should go in your mechanical toolbox. Car mechanics usually use these to insert, fix or remove screws. Making sure you own good screwdrivers set from a reputed manufacturer will make sure they are long-lasting and satisfyingly serve the purpose.

#2 – Hammers:


Hammers in your mechanical toolbox make you a professional car mechanic. As you gain more confidence regarding the efficient use of hammers you can add a few more varieties of the hammer to your toolbox. The ball peen hammer is most commonly used by car mechanics. The design of this hammer has one end of the head that is ball-shaped while the other is flat and is used for driving.

#3 – Wrenches:

combination wrenches

Wrenches like screwdrivers and hammers are a must in your mechanical toolbox, for your DIY projects. Wrenches are available in various shapes and sizes and are used for tightening, turning, gripping, fastening or loosening nuts and bolts. The most commonly available wrenches are open-end wrenches and box wrenches. Open-end wrenches are used for bolts and nuts whereas box ones are designed to turn hex and square bolts.

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#4 – Pliers:

mini plier set

Pliers are usually used to grip objects or hold wires, make a bend in the loops or attach the wire or reach unhandy places. Simple sets of slip-joint pliers, needle-nose pliers, and groove-lock pliers are a must in your toolbox to help you grab your clamp, clips and retainer.

#5 – Flashlight:

A flashlight is a very important tool in your toolbox mainly because however appropriate lighting your garage has reached those hard-to-see places is always a task at hand. A light illuminating the inside of your engine makes your skimpy experience a pretty sorted one. A wide variety of flashlights ranging from simple handheld work lights to magnetised light that holds onto a metallic surface are available in the market. Choose the one appropriate to your requirement and be sorted for your lighting matters.

#6 – Jack Stand:

jacking lifting tools

The main purpose of a Jack is to raise your vehicle to help you change your tire. Jack stands are used to lift the vehicle so you can do work underneath them. Make sure you have a jack and jack stand from a reliable manufacturer because the weight of your entire vehicle will lie on this. Using a hydraulic floor jack increases the safety of your vehicle when lifted.

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#7 – Wheel Wrench:

Wheel wrenches Online

A wheel wrench is a type of wrench used to loosen or tighten lug nuts on car wheels. This wrench is important in your toolbox because of its design. It is custom-made so that it gives the user leverage when securing or loosening wheel nuts.

#8 – Funnel:


funnel online UK
Funnels are usually used to channel any kind of liquid into containers with small openings. If you try to add oil to your vehicle without using a funnel you are sure to make a huge mess. Hence, having a funnel in your mechanical toolbox is necessary.

#9 – Oil Filter Wrench:

Oil Filter Strap Wrench

An oil filter wrench is a tool that is used for removing the spin-on type of filter. Removing the filter with your bare hands is not an easy task, hence a dedicated oil wrench is of utmost importance.

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A good car maintenance expert requires the skill, knowledge and good mechanical tools to facilitate the care taking process. Having appropriate mechanical tools in your toolbox will make it extremely easy for you to do your DIY projects.