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EV Car Number Plates UK

Green Number Plates – Know Everything About Electric Vehicle Plates in the UK

Have you ever wondered what it means when you see a green stripe on a car number plate? In December 2020, the Department of Transport launched the green number plate. All new and existing all-electric vehicles can wear them to highlight and encourage zero-emission vehicles. These car number plates have a green stripe on the left-hand side of the vehicle to signal they are totally electric, zero-emission vehicles. Most normal and EV cars look pretty much the same, and hence, to remove the ambiguity Green Number Plate was introduced.

What does the green number plate mean?

Green Number Plate UK

To make the long story short, if you see any car adorning a green stripe on its number plate, it means the car wearing them is an EV. The car needs to be a 100% electric vehicle because the plate can only be fitted if the car produces zero tailpipe emissions.

These car plates still have the traditional features of a normal car plate but have an extra green stripe to the left. What makes this plate unique is the fact that the plate is also often made from sustainable material. Cars, motorbikes, taxis and buses all can wear this green stripe conditioned to the fact they should be zero emission producing vehicles.

Although Hybrids and Plug-in hybrids use electric motors since they are not zero-emission vehicles they are not allowed to wear the green stripe on their number plate.

Hydrogen cars can also drone these green number plates, but the number of such cars in the market is in an extreme niche proportion.

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How does it benefit to have a green number plate?

Researchers all over the world have laid importance on the fact that electric vehicles are far better for the environment. They emit fewer harmful gases in comparison to diesel and petrol-run vehicles. Government and local authorities are trying to design and implement new policies to benefit citizens owning Electric cars. Drivers with green number plates will be given various benefits like cheaper parking rates, free entry into clean Air Zones and use of bus lanes to encourage people to buy EVs. Plans and schemes are yet to be finalised but plans are soon expected to be released.

So while it may seem unnecessary to get a green numbered plate at the moment, it’s always a good idea to get them installed since you never know when the policies will be released by the local councils.

How does one obtain a green number plate (electric vehicle plate)?

Electric Vehicle Number Plates Supplier

For any new electric car purchase, the green number plate will be fitted as per standard methods. No additional paperwork is required for the same.

However, if you already have an electric vehicle and wish to install a green number plate, you can purchase them from an approved supplier. Make sure you purchase these plates from registered suppliers since there are a lot of scams related to the same going on.

Also, make sure you provide all the necessary paperwork like your proof of ID and V5C doc which should have the ZEV (Zero Emission vehicle) box checked.

Are green number plates compulsory?

Green plates aren’t compulsory, but you surely do not want to miss out on the benefits like free entry into Clean Air Zones, cheaper parking rates and bus lane access.

Though you may be a little disheartened at the moment by the lack of initiatives to implement plans from the local councils, it does not mean this could be forever.

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Cost of Green Number Plate:

Cost of Green Number Car Plates

The cost of getting green number plates can vary from one supplier to the other. However, you can expect to be charged approximately £20 to £50 for a pair.


The main reason behind introducing Green Number plates was to raise awareness of Electric Vehicles and encourage people to make a responsible shift to zero-emission vehicles. With the UK eyeing to harness the power of clean and green technology and in the process contribute to climate change by 2050, an Electric vehicle car owner can expect ample benefits and incentives. Hence, there can be no better time to make a switch from fuel-injected vehicles to zero-emission vehicles. Also, this green number plate can simply be a way to highlight the fact of how eco-friendly you are. Shop Online at Leicester Motor Spares for all your electric number plate needs!