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Car Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades: Know How to Use, Their Types and Importance for Your Car

One of the key components to safe driving is proper visibility. If you own a car, you know the importance of a well-maintained wiper blade, especially when the weather is extremely breezy, windy or rainy. This simple-looking tool plays an extremely important role, especially when it comes to safety. But we often manage to overlook maintaining the wiper blades.

How Do Wiper Blades Operate and Their Types?

Wiper blades are connected to small electrical motors that transmit power to the long rod that sets the wiper blades in motion. The power makes the wiper arm go back and forth while the blades attached to the rubber helps to wipe the water, snow, debris or other dust from the windshield. There are three types of wiper blades in a car: conventional, beam and hybrid.

Most cars have been fixed with a conventional type of wiper blade attached to a metal frame. Beam wiper blades have hinge-less rubber strips instead of the metal frame used in a conventional type of wiper blade. Beam wiper blades are used in the luxury car segment mainly because of their sleek design. Hybrid wiper blades are a combination of conventional and beam wiper blades making them perfect for any kind of extreme weather.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate and Best Wiper Blade for Your Car:

With a wide variety of wiper blades available in the market, choosing the perfect one for your car can seem like a task. Keep the following points in mind and make your task easier:

#1 – Look for the Aerodynamic Design:

Aerodynamic DesignA beam wiper is usually the first choice among car manufacturers because it gives the car a sleek look. But apart from its appearance, the main reason for the preference for beam wipers over others is its aerodynamic design which enables it to reduce drag. It applies symmetrical pressure along the wiper blade resulting in the noiselessly removing the water.

#2 – Look for The Perfect Curvature Fit:

For an efficient clean windshield, the edges of the wiper blades should be in full contact with the windshield. This will result in the water or dust being easily swept from the windshield quickly for better visibility under extreme weather.

#3 – Durability and Sturdiness:

Extreme weather can accelerate the wear and tear of the rubber of your wiper blades resulting in poor visibility. Spoilt rubber makes removal of water less effective, Hence, always ensure that the wiper blades you are looking for are highly durable and sturdy and the rubber is heat resistant.

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How to detect a faulty wiper blade?

detect a faulty wiper Blade

A clean windshield is necessary for secure driving. If your windshield wipers are not working properly, it becomes very difficult to see the road ahead, putting you and the other passengers in the car at risk of a fender bender or even worse.

Wipers are the most frequently malfunctioning automobile part. Wiper blades are made out of rubber and the rubbers wear out every now, resulting in blades requiring replacement. A very common myth among car owners is that areas receiving heavy rainfall will wear out the wipers easily. But in reality, in desert areas sun can be worse for the rubber of the blades as the hot sun can make rubber easily break, crack or melt.

A few common warning signs for faulty rubber blades are a streaking noise on the glass, a screeching sound of the rubber when the wipers are moving or scratches on the windshield when the wipers are operating. These are all the basic warning signs that the wiper blades have served their purpose and need to be replaced.

A Step By Step Guide To Fitting Your Car Wiper Blades Perfectly:

Replacing your old wiper blades with the new ones can be a little tricky but follow our step-to-step guide to ease you through the steps:

#1 – Procure The Right Replacements Wiper Blades for Your Car:

right replacement wiper blades

Before you remove your old damaged wiper blades make sure you have bought the right replacement wiper blades for your car. Wiper blades are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Hence, do your research thoroughly before you procure them.

#2 – Thoroughly Clean Your Windshield:

Thoroughly clean your windshield free of any dirt or dust that might have gotten stuck on the windshield. If you do not clean it properly your wiping quality will deteriorate.

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#3 – Cover Your Wiper Blades With a Cloth or Towel:

When you remove the windscreen wipers the wiper blade arm remains exposed till you don’t fit it with another wiper blade. Make sure to cover this arm with a cloth or towel so that you do not harm the windshield in case it snaps back.

#4 – Remove Your Old Blades & Fix The New Ones:

Remove the old blades after you have lifted the blade arms and attach the new ones using the same method without exerting too much force. Follow the instructions to avoid cracks or breaks.

#5 – Test The New Wiper Blades:

Don’t forget to test the wiper blades to ensure that they have been fixed properly before you actually hit the road.


A quality car requires quality products that are genuine, durable and sturdy. Replacing your wiper blades can be a straightforward process and with our comprehensive guide, your work should become extremely easy.

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