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Hand Tools – A Must For Maintaining Your Car

Driving around town in your prized possession can be fun but a new or an old vehicle always requires some maintenance every now and then. Being stranded on the road because of some minor fault in your car and being stuck because of not possessing proper tools can be very frustrating. With the right tools and a piece of basic knowledge about your car maintenance, you can save the day. It can also save you some big bucks by not having to go to car repair shops. Also, regular maintenance and repair of your vehicle can exponentially increase the longevity of the vehicle and the durability of the car components. Here is a list of basic and useful hand tools for your vehicle.

Basic Hand Tools and Their Use for Car Maintenance:

#1 – Socket Sets:

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A versatile socket set is a convenient toolkit accessory that gives users the flexibility to handle multiple sizes and types of fasteners and is aimed at fitting a diverse range of nuts and bolts. One of the most important tools for any DIY hobbyist who is looking for maintenance projects because sockets are primarily used for tightening and loosening a large section of fasteners.

#2 – Pliers and Wire Cutters:

Pliers and Wire Cutters Set Online

Just like socket sets, pliers and cutters are again very important tools in your toolbox. Pliers are multi-purpose hand tools which are used for gripping, bending and cutting. These two cross-metal limbs provide leverage to the strength of the user’s hand and can be used for a broad range of maintenance activities.

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#3 – Wrench Sets:

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The basic use of a wrench is it helps to unscrew any nut or bolt, which makes it a must-hand tool in your toolbox to use for automobile repair. Various types of wrenches are available and a solid collection of the same is essential to complete any maintenance repair task at hand.

#4 – Screwdrivers:

Screwdriver Sets Online

A set of screwdrivers is a must in a professional garage or at your home for any sort of car maintenance requirements. Having an all-inclusive toolkit with various-sized heads will give you that extra flexibility in fitting all types and sizes of screws and fasteners. You can go one step ahead and use magnetised heads as they will make it easier to extract screws from inaccessible gaps in case you have accidentally dropped one while working.

#5 – Hammer Set:

hammer set online

You may feel that a set of good hammers may not come in handy very often, but once in a while, you may require an appropriate hammer if you are looking to work with the metal body of your car. Slight bumps and misalignments can be rectified simply by using the right auto-body hammer. Make sure your set of hammers includes a rubber mallet, which is the perfect tool for smoothing out dents.

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#6 – Zip Ties:

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Zip ties are absolutely necessary for any mechanic’s tool kit. Zip ties can be used to bundle up the cables and wires in the car during any type of car maintenance job. This will make your work extremely tidy. Don’t forget to buy zip ties in various sizes so that you never run out of them when needed.

#7 – Oil Filter Wrench:

Oil Filter Wrench

An oil filter wrench is that perfect tool in your toolbox which will come in handy more often than you think. Often, when professionals work on the car, they tend to screw the oil filter too tightly, which makes it exceedingly difficult to loosen. In such a case an oil filter wrench works wonders in removing stubborn oil filters that refuse to budge.

#8 – Flashlight:

Flashlight for car

Any car owner must always carry a flashlight in case of an emergency on the road. It may be the first tool you will require when your car breaks down while driving in the middle of the night. Also, a flashlight is a must if your garage is not well–lit or you wish to view the internals of your car more closely and clearly.

#9 – Lubricants and Penetrating Oil:

You may often be required to clean and lubricate various moving parts of your car. A few liquid sprays will come in handy when you are working on your car. Use a rust penetrant to remove stubborn bolts and prevent further accumulation of rust. Various silicone lubricants are available in the market which can help you prevent squeaking noises while the vehicle is in motion.


While some repairs should be left to professionals, a lot of minor repairs can be done at home in the comfort of your garage. Just having a few basic hand tools in your toolbox will help you resolve quite a few of your basic problems. Buying a lot of hand tools can be expensive, but check out various options at Leicester Motors Spares, an online auto parts shop in the UK and select from the budget – friendly tools.