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Vehicle Service

Proficient upkeep is the way to opening the best execution from your vehicle. That is the reason we stock a complete scope of value administration devices to keep each component of your vehicle in prime condition. Track down your ideal device beneath.

General Engine Tools

Oil Service Tools

Socketry & Drivers

Car service tools are an essential part of any car owner. Car maintenance is not predictable or a one-time process. Breakdowns in a car can happen anytime and it is an ongoing process. Hence, you need to be prepared for any kind of emergency. From trolley jacks to ratchet and socket sets, you need to keep all your supplies handy irrespective of whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY car repairing enthusiast. At Leicester Motor Spares we offer a wide category of vehicle service tools that will instantly serve your purpose: Replacing oil in your vehicle is one of the most common DIY vehicle maintenance tasks. Investing in a sturdy oil filter wrench will help you replace your oil quickly and efficiently. Sockets and ratcheting socket wrenches are a must in your car service toolbox because they have a variety of uses in helping you effectively grip nuts and bolts. Pliers may not have as extensive use as wrenches but they will come in handy to reach places that are otherwise inaccessible. Would you like to buy car service tools for your vehicle maintenance with just a click? Visit our online car parts and accessories store and shop at best discounted prices in the UK without any hassle. They will guide you to select from a wide range of car tools products available from the most reliable manufacturers.

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