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Hand Tools

Here at we offer an extensive range of high quality hand tools for hobbyists, workshop mechanics, engineers and car builders. Browse through our range below, or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

Decorating Tools

General Tools


Spanners & Wrenches

Workshop Tools

Hand tools and equipment are an absolute necessity for car building, maintaining and repairing your prized possession. Having just the right hand tools in your garage makes all the difference in getting the job done quickly and correctly.

There are various categories of high quality hand tools to select from depending on the use:

#1 – Decorating Tools:

Various decorating tools like filling tools, paint brushes, Scapers, Tiling tools and Trowels have endless use while you are looking at working on car maintenance projects. Choose from a wide – range of products by top brands and be rest assured of quality products reaching your doorstep.

#2 General Tools:

Pliers of various sizes and strengths are a must in your toolbox as a good pair of pliers will come in handy when you begin your maintenance project. A wide variety of general tools like Hacksaws, Locking Pliers, Multi Tools and Wire twisting pliers from leading brands are made available to you all under one roof for your convenience.

#3 – Sockets:

Sockets are tools that are used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts in your vehicle. A versatile set of sockets is a must in your toolbox for accomplishing your maintenance mission. Sockets of various types and sizes are all just a click away.

#4 – Spanners and Wrenches:

Endless variety of Spanners and Wrenches of sturdy quality by Blue Spot tools are available for you on our online store to make your perfect choice from.

#5 – Workshop Tools:

Workshop tools from Hilka is a perfect addition to your automotive hand tool collection which is available only on Leicester Motor Spares website.

The list of hand tools and pieces of equipment is never-ending and can also turn out to be an expensive affair. But investing in a few good pieces can take you a long way. At Leicester Motor Spares, we have an exhaustive catalogue of car hand tools to select from and complete your project with utmost perfection and ease. We are determined to provide tools that will last you for years to come and give you the desired results.

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