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Car Tools

When it comes to car maintenance, you need to be prepared for any situation. Luckily, we stock the tools for all your maintenance needs. From trolley jacks to axle stands, we supply a wide array of high-quality car tools for hobbyists and professional mechanics alike.

Whether you are a professional or a simple car owner, proper workshop tools in your garage will solve a majority of your problems.

Having some basic car tools is nice when your car starts giving you trouble. And to run to a local auto repair shop for the minutest of your mechanical problems also does not seem viable. Even when your car is well looked after and maintained some mechanical work will always be needed.

We at Leicester Motor Spares offer you a wide range of products in various categories to choose from like:

#1 – Air tools & Accessories:

Air tools and accessories help you keep your tools regularly serviced and in good working condition. Select from air grinder, hammers, sanders, saw, blow gun coupling & fitting and Retractable Air Hose reels.

#2 – Automotive Tools:

In consultation with some of the best car manufacturers in the country, we offer you tools like brake system tools, engine tools, hub & Suspension tools and wheel tyre & alignment tools.

#3 – Corded Power Tools:

Select from a wide variety of bench grinders, electric polishers and glue guns and enhance your maintenance from build to last.

#4 – Cordless Power Tools:

Select from a wide range of Cordless Power tools from Blue Spot tools and Streetwize available on our online shop.

#5 – Hand Tools:

Leicester Motor Spares offers a wide range of hand tools under various categories like decorating tools, general tools, Sockets, Spanner & Wrenches and Workshop tools. Hand tools are an intricate part of the tool box and a must if you are a DIY hobbyist who likes doing maintenance projects of vehicles.

#6 – Lifting & Recovery:

Tools like Jack and jack stand, material handling equipment and recovery and towing pieces of equipment, all are made available to you under one roof for your convenience.

#7 – Machine Tools:

A large variety of drill bits by Blue Spot Tools are available on our online shop for you to select from. Drill bits are an essential cutting tool that is used to make or enlarge holes in solid metals.

#8 – Mechanic Tools:

Body shop & Sheet tools, Ratchet Wrenches, Socketry and Wrenches are all available under one roof on our online store for your convenience.  Select from a wide range and be assured only quality mechanic tools products will be delivered at your doorstep.

#9 – Power Tools:

Power tools use power to operate and hence their sturdiness is extremely important. Backing Disc, Car Polisher Accessories, Chiesel Bits, Core Drill Bits and Cutting blades manufactured by Blue Spot Tools are available with just a click on our online store.

#10 – Soldering:

Soldering Accessories and Soldering Irons made by Blue Spot tools are the best product in the market and available with just a click.

#11 – Tool Storage:

Browse through our available options of Parts Storage, Tool Bags, Tool Belts and Tool Rails and Hooks  and be assured that only quality products will reach your doorstep.

#12 – Vehicle Service:

General Engine Tools, Oil Service Tools and Socketry & Drivers are some of the must have tools for carrying out your maintenance projects. Browse through the variety of vehicle service tools available at our online store.

#13 – Workshop:

Browse through varied options of Workshop tools like Lubrication, Workshop Equipment, Workshop Essential and Workshop Lighting and Power and be assured only the sturdiest product to be delivered at the comfort of your home.

Other than the above, a massive range of car tools are offered to you at Leicester Motor Spares and all under the same roof. Browse through this the entire range in this category and be sorted for all your major and minor maintenance work.

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