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Engine Oil

Engine oil is soul for your vehicle. It greases up moving parts and keeps your vehicle chugging along as expected for quite a while. It's an indispensable part of the motor framework, greasing up moving parts and guaranteeing your vehicle has a long and blissful life. Find the ideal motor oil online in the UK for your vehicle from our wide reach assortment of motor oils to look over top brands.

Types of Oil

Engine oil is a very important component for any vehicle. Engine oil works as a protector sheet for car components against any kind of wear and tear.

Hence, choosing the wrong engine oil for your car will result in damaged car engine and other parts in the long run. There are 4 types of engine oil to choose from:

  1. Mineral oil is mainly designed for vehicles with simple engine designs.
  2. Synthetic oil is made with high-performing additives and hence gives better results in extreme damage.
  3. Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of synthetic oil and mineral oil.
  4. High mileage oil is more recommendable for older vehicles.

Choosing the right kind of car engine oil is extremely important to reduce sludge formation and reduce the extra load on your vehicle. A variety of car engine oils and lubricants are available at Leicester Motor Spares. Choose the right specification and be assured of a better functioning car.

Popular Brands