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Your car is made of up of around 30,000 components. Each part plays a vital role in helping your vehicle to run smoothly. Browse a huge range of cables, hoses, fuses, connectors, relays, pumps and screws at

Electrical Connectors & Cables

Fuses & Relays


Nuts, Bolts, Clips, Ties

A car consists of various components. Car components work in perfect synchronisation to make the car run on the road. We at Leicester Motors are committed to making your car ride safe by giving you a wide array of products to choose from. Whether you want electrical connectors, fuses and relays, hoses, clips or nuts and bolts – we provide you with the best quality products to keep your car running smoothly.

Any vehicle has numerous electrical circuits, from those that operate your lock system to those that keep your car running. Avoid transportation failures by choosing from various electrical connectors and cables available at Leicester Motor Spares. Fuses and relays are those car components that protect the electrical circuits in your car from short-circuiting and opening and closing the electrical circuit. Choose fuses and relay wisely to avoid sudden breakdowns. Water hoses and clips may look very menial but their quality is extremely important since your car cooling system depends on them. Stocking up on accessories such as nuts, bolts, clips and ties comes in very handy. We at Leicester motors offer you ample options to choose from that work best for your workstations.

Choose precise car components for your vehicle to ensure your car stays in perfect condition and runs smoothly. Scan through the various options available at Leicester motors and be sorted for your maintenance needs.

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