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Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is a vital part of owning and running your car. To give your vehicle all of the love and attention it needs, choose from the wide range of car maintenance tools and accessories at

Adhesives, Tapes & Sealants

Battery Maintenance

Body Repair

Car Tape & Funnels

Hygiene & Protection

Maintenance Tools

Paints & Primers

Buying your dream car is easy, but car maintenance is tough. Getting your hands dirty by knowing a few tips and tricks may make this task at hand easy. Choose from a wide range of car maintenance products available on Leicester Motor Spares. To maintain your car efficiently and effectively choose from the following categories:

#1 – Adhesive Tapes and Sealants:

The performance of adhesive tapes and Sealants from a reliable manufacturer are necessary. Choose from a wide variety of specially designed tapes to fix the wear and tear on your vehicle.

#2 – Battery Maintenance:

All batteries are expected to run out after a certain point in time. By using battery maintenance products from an array of options available only at Leicester Motors be sure of the battery running as long as possible.

#3 – Body Repair:

Scratches and dust on the car spoil the exterior of your car over time. Purchasing body repair adornments are sure to restore the beauty of your vehicle.

#4 – Hygiene and Protection:

Constant exposure to harsh chemicals can leave your hand damaged. We at Leicester motors offer a wide range of hygiene & protection gloves to select from.

#5 – Maintenance Tools:

We offer various types of maintenance tools online such as air compressors, foot, hand and bike pumps with brackets in the UK at best discounted prices.

#6 – Paints & Primers:

We provide top quality paints and primers online for your car from most popular brands in the UK.

At Leicester Motor Spares, we guarantee you that you will have a wide range of car maintenance products to choose from. Our products will protect your car from exterior damage and help keep the interiors in check at affordable prices.

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