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Car Cleaning

Keeping your car clean both inside and outside is easy with our huge online collection of best quality car cleaning, car care and washing products in the UK. Check out the range below for some seriously low prices on everything you need to keep your car clean.

Exterior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

Pressure Washers

Cleaning, Brushes & Applicators

Wash Cloths & Accessories

Car cleaning is not only important for hygiene purposes but is also a reflection of your personality. Maintaining the exterior and interior of your car free from dust and scratches not only gives your car that elegant look but also makes a feel-good factor for you. It is usually advisable to take your car to a specialised workshop that uses specialised tools and skilled mechanics to give that chic look to your car.

For those days when you are in the mood to pamper your car, several car cleaning products and kits are available at Leicester Motors for you to explore. They are available under the following categories:

#1 – Exterior Cleaning:

To keep that showroom shine intact on your car use exterior cleaning products like Car Polish and shampoo, car wax, ceramic coating, etc.

#2 – Interior Cleaners:

Interior cleaning products like carpet & interior cleaners, wipes, etc are a must to give your car a thorough clean-up now and then.

#3 – Pressure Washers:

To remove those tough oil stains from the garage floor and driveways use pressure washers from Leicester Motors and keep your garage neat.

#4 – Wash Clothes and Accessories:

If you are looking to spiff up your car and garage, washcloths and accessories by Leicester Motors are the perfect applicators and there is a wide variety you can choose from.

For these and many such useful car cleaning products and supplies get in touch with our customer-friendly team and get personalised options to keep your car spic and span.

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