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Car Cleaning

Keeping your car clean both inside and outside is easy with our huge online collection of best quality car cleaning, car care and washing products in the UK. Check out the range below for some seriously low prices on everything you need to keep your car clean.

Exterior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

Pressure Washers

Professional Finishing

Wash Cloths & Accessories

It’s all fine keeping a car in showroom condition, but sometimes damage occurs that polish can’t hide. Bodywork can take a hammering from the weather along with the dust and dirt thrown up by other road users, and that’s not forgetting bumps and crashes. Rust, paint chips, dents and scratches can all affect the look and even the structure of the car, while certain seals and panels can erode over time, letting water into the vehicle and corroding it. As well as having to replace the seals and panels, this can require even more expense in the long run. Leicester Motor have a vast range of car body parts, helping you to restore and get the most out of your vehicle. We have more than 200 branches nationwide and offer free delivery around the UK, getting the essential parts to you as soon as possible.

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