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Electrical & Lighting

All modern cars are fitted with extensive electrical and lighting systems, and we have a huge collection of components designed to keep you, your vehicle and other road users safe on the road. Browse the items listed below to find the part you need.


Electrical EV

A vehicle’s electrical and lighting parts accessories may sound menial but are of paramount importance as it facilitates the running of your vehicle. When you plan to buy a car, you only think of it as a means to transport you from one place to another. But in reality, the car is a complicated machine with thousands of components intricately designed and fitted for smooth running.

  1. The first and foremost electrical system in the car is the battery. The battery provides current to the engine and gives the ignition a start. Within this system are various other wires which are connected with different components of the car like power windows, central locking system, radio, headlights, etc. Choose from high quality car batteries by Rombat only on our online shop.
  2. Electric Vehicles are no more the future, but are rather